Hals Skanse

Hals Skanse is the best preserved single redoubt in Denmark and dates back to the renaissance. From the redoubt with the historical cannons, there is a great view of Hals and the Limfjord. 

The first Hals Skanse was built in the 1620’s in order to secure Aalborg as well as the land of the Limfjord as a whole. This redoubt was taken over and reinforced by the enemy, the troops of the German emperor in the fall of 1627, and was since left to become dilapidated in the years 1630-1652. 

On the 1st of July 1653, a royal order originated from the King to the vassal of Aalborghus to build a redoubt near Hals, and with a starting point in the redoubt of King Christian IV, the redoubt we see today was built. It was finished in 1654. 

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Skansen 1
9370 Hals


+45 99 31 74 00


  • Facilities

    • Coach park
    • Tables/Benches



Longitude : 10.309536
Latitude : 56.993321