Ulsted – the artistic village

Ulsted is enriched by several beautiful pjeces of art, and you have the opportunity to go on a virtual exploration among the works of art in the village. Equipped with a map and information about the sculptures, you can take a stroll through the village and experience the art at short range. The oldest work of art is The Woolf – located in park Jyllensdam, but no less than 6 sculptures and a mosaic work of art are located in the small village.

The Wolf Pit

South of the village, near the area east of Ulsted Church, you will find the wolf put – or the remains of it at least. The myth speaks of Ulsted as the last place in Denmark from which wolfs were banished. The last wolf was banished during 18th century. The wolf pit is one of the best preserved in Denmark.

The railway station building

In 1899, Ulsted got a railway line towards Aalborg and towards Sæby and Frederikshavn. The new railway station was located in good distance to the old village around the village pond, and new movement towards the station was created. Today, the flower shop Stationens Blomster is located in the old railway station building.

Ulsted Church

Ulsted parish has about 1,600 citizens in Aalborg Municipality, in the east of Vendsyssel. The church is beautifully located at the ridge on the fringe of the town. The first church made of bricks in Ulsted, is said to be from about the 13th century. The original church was build with no church tower. In 1927, the church tower was build, thanks to the locals' fundraising campaign. J.J. Damgaard sponsored the plantning, and today you will find a memorial plaque with his name at the cemetery.

Ulsted Mill

West of the church, Ulsted Mill is located. It is the only mill that is preserved out of the former 30, which was located in the former Hals municipality around the year of 1900. The mill is a rarity, but used to be very common part of the landscape. The history of Ulsted Mill goes back to the 1870s. During the years, several repairs and replacements have been conducted on the mill. Around 1880, Ulsted Mill was moved from its original location in the north to the south of Houvej. The movement was likely to be caused by the loudness of the noise from the vanes which annoyed the lady at Møllegården. Today, Ulsted Mill is part of the museum of Hals.

On Sunday the 15th of June 2003, the new vanes of Ulsted Mill were inaugurated. The vanes were constructed by Kurdish and Afghan refugees who in cooperation with Hals Udviklingscenter have worked with forming 17 meters tall firs into vanes.

Lovely family activities

In Ulsted, you have the chance to play the funny combination sport football (soccer) golf on beautiful, green grass fields. You can also take a break in the café Svanekeramik, which has light refreshments and beautiful handicraft products for your shopping bag. Furthermore, you can visit the local candle foundry, called Ulve-Lys, and here you can try making your own candles.

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