Holiday home near Hals and Hou

Thousands of holiday homes at Aalborg Coast

No wonder, Aalborg Coast has one of the biggest colonies of summer houses in the country. At the east coast near Hals and Hou, you'll find thousands of summer houses that Danish, Norwegian, German and Swedish tourists faithfully return to year after year.

Holiday homes at Aalborg Coast

The tourists do not only return for the beaches that are safe for children. The area is also the perfect base for daytrips to the rest of Northern Jutland. Skagen and the North Sea, Rold Skov (a beautiful forest) and Mariager are all only an hour away by car, and Aalborg with it's tourist attractions, shopping opportunities and cultural offers is only an half hour drive away.

The area near Hals and Hou also offer you many castles and historical sites - especially Voergaard Castle and Hals Entrenchment. Furthermore, Hals has many artisans who welcome visitors, and all of the beautiful churches of the villages are among the free experiences that the area offers you.

Holiday homes you have never seen before...

You will find a summer house for every taste at Aalborg Coast. The first, simple houses from the 1950s have their own primitive charm that many people connect with holidays. They are popular and requested, but can be rented for fair prices.
But new summer houses are also still being built between Hals and Hou. Everyone who wishes to see how luxurious summer houses of modern and yet timeless architecture looks should take a walk along the road that is named after the Roman god Mercury. He was, among other things, the God of – if not tourist- then at least travelers.

The famous architect Michael Morell from Aalborg has designed the exclusive holiday homes at Merkurvej (Mercury Street).

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Follow the link and you will find a list of firms that rent out summer houses. There are lots of summer houses on the market, and you will easily find a lovely holiday home for you and your family.

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