Hou - authentic danish cozyness

The tranquil fishing village of Hou offers authentic danish cozyness

Hou - The cozy harbour town of the East Coast

Everything in Hou revolves around the harbour and here you will find the childens' playground, the ice cream shop and the marina. The town offers expeciences for children of all ages, whether it is an ice cream on the harbour or a trip to the beach. The small, charming society of Hou has an amazing beach with white sand and dunes right on the other side of the marina. The beach encourages to long walks or a swim in the calm waves. If you’re up early, you can see the sun rise over the water from the amazing beach of Hou.

The charming fishing village of Hou

The best placed boat harbour of East Jutland, with its extra ordinary mix of old fishing boats and luxurious yachts, exudes Danish charm and encourages walks in the surrounding sand dunes where you can get a view of the marina and have access to the beach. A few hundred yards from the harbour is the famous cozy restaurant Skovsgaards Raaling, which is one of the oldest privately owned houses and which can be dated back to 1552. This restaurant, as with Hou in general, exudes authentic, Danish cozyness - here with a thatched roof, low ceiling and amazing Danish food.

Denmark's best beaches

The East Coast of Jutland have the best and most child-friendly beaches of Northen Europe. A little walk or bicycle ride from Hou you will find Bisnap Strand, which has been named the best beach of Denmark multiple times. Here you can enjoy a day with the family in the sun at the beach, or take a walk or bicycle ride in the nearby pine forests.

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Gallery Stender

Galleri Stender
Gallery Stender is a small studio gallery, where artist Lars Stender exhibits his own works, such as bronze sculptures and acrylic paintings.
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Skovsgaards Raaling tea garden

Raaling Hou
Skovgaards Raaling is a very cosy small restaurant in Hou.
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The Wind Harp

Hou vindharpe
At the end of the mole, where the North beach begins, there is a wind chime sculpture, made by Bjarne Høj.
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Familly enjoying the beach on the east coast

Experience North Denmark

North Jutland is the Danes' holiday destination of choice. You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.