Hals - the cozy seaport

Surrounded by amazing beaches and great forests you find Hals - the cozy seaport.

Hals - the capital of Aalborg Coast

The city exudes charm with its unique mix of old and new with its narrow, cozy streets, which all lie close to the heart of the city - the harbour.

The Harbour of Hals is full of life in the summer with live music and outdoor service at the restaurants. Here you can enjoy the amazing view of the Limfjord - whether it is from the harbour or from the deck of the ferry that takes you across the calm water. If you are up for at trip to the beach, you can visit some of the best and most child-friendly beaches of Northern Europe a few miles along the coast, which all lie close to the great pine forests - perfect for a day with the family.

The cozy, narrow streets of Hals

Shopping in Hals revolves around many cozy specialized stores that offer customers an unique experience. Close to these streets are the narrow, bendy streets of Hals with their characteristic low, red-tiled, yellow houses, which sets the mood for a walk. At the city square of Hals you will find the giant Whale Jaws - the city landmark. The Whale was originally donated to the city by captain Klitgaard in 1868 and replaced with a new one in 1955 by a danish consule in Norway, after a beer truck hit the original jaw.

Unique blend of new and old

A few hundred meters from Skansen – the Renaissance fortification with its giant moat which has protected Denmark throughout history, you can enjoy a game of golf by the water at Hals Golfclub, where a wrong swing can send the ball in the ocean.

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Square Market in Hals

Hals Torvemarked 
Experience the cozy market atmosphere, with several outlets serving food, cold drinks and live music. 
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The Hals-Egense ferry

Hals-Egense færgen
Why take the freeway and get stuck, when you can take the Hals-Egense ferry and be in luck.
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Hals Skanse

Hals Skanse
Hals Skanse is the best preserved single fieldwork in Denmark and dates back to the renaissance.
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Familly enjoying the beach on the east coast

Experience North Denmark

North Jutland is the Danes' holiday destination of choice. You can experience the North Sea to the west, Kattegat to the east and in between you find Limfjorden. And between these two seas you will find a wide range of activities for everyone.