In the summer, Egense is the place to be if you dream of a cosy and relaxed holiday. Egense is a small and cosy town just by the Limfjord and the sea. The village is connected to Hals, which is located north of the fjord, via the Hals-Egense ferry.

Egense – the tranquil holiday village

Egense is a lovely, small town – with a big area of holiday homes and an appealing beach for children.

During the summer, Egense is the place to be if you dream of a cosy and relaxed holiday. The summer house area north of the village is filled with fun and laughter, and at the camping area, people are playing mini golf all summer long. Right at the Eastern mouth of the Limfjord, Egense Harbour is located - a lovely, small harbour just a stone's throw from the lovely bathing beach, which is safe for children. Here, the water level is low, the sea is warm, and you can try the snorkel path and explore what is going on beneath the water level.

Close to nature

Egense is located close to the Limfjord, Kattegat and beautiful nature areas like Mulbjerge. You will find peace to take a walk, to relax and to recharge your batteries. You will be far away from noise and traffic, but close to real, Danish summer spirit.

Just by the ferry

North of Egense, you will find the Hals-Egense ferry that can take you to the summer spirit at Hals Harbour. Hals offers you good shopping opportunities and both lunch and ice-cream cones are within reach.

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Egense Beach Camping

Egense Strand Camping

Egense Beach Camping is a cosy camping area with mini golf and a playground.

Egense Yachting Harbour

Egense Lystbådhavn

Egense Yachtinh Harbour is a calm yachting harbour, close to the beach and the ferry.


Hals - the cozy seaport

Surrounded by fantastic beaches and great forests, you will find Hals - the cozy seaport.