Surrounded by beautiful nature, you will find Dokkedal – the cosy summer village.

The atmospherical summer village

Dokkedal is a cosy, little village with about 150 inhabitants close to both sea and nature. The village is located by the sea, Kattegat. Here, you will find Mulbjerge, a preserved area with steep moraine hills that shelter the village. Right in front of Mulbjerge, at the coast, you will find an excellent bathing beach with fishing opportunities. The place is also popular among kite surfers who find ideal wind and water conditions in the area. If you take a walk along the coast on a summer evening, you can walk on to the pier while observing the kite surfers who rush across the gentle waves in the shallow sea. Mulbjerge is an incredible nature phenomenon, and the view of both land and sea is amazing from the top of the hills.

The local life in Dokkedal

In the middle of the village, Remisen (the old roundhouse) is located. Here, old handicrafts and machines used in the former cultivation of the bog of Lille Vildmose are exhibited in the workshop. During the summer, Remisen is open and today, a group of volunteers work on restoring and recreating machines and equipment. You can visit the workshop and the people working there – and they are happy to tell about the machines.

Nature close by

Dokkedal is located near both the sea and the woods. Lille Vildmose is not far away either, and great nature experiences with both eagles, deer, wild boars and mooses await.

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Lille Vildmose

Lille Vildmose

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Wonderful view and nature near Mulbjerge.