The Wind Harp

At the end of the mole, where the North beach begins, a wind chime sculpture, made by Bjarne Høj, was erected. The sculpture consists of the fore ends of two scraped fishing cutters, which are placed in such a manner, that the ends build a room, one can go in to and listen to the sounds of the wind, enjoy the view of the harbour as well as enjoy the construction of a fishing cutter.

On top of the cutters, two large birds made out of sheet iron have been placed on a pipe.It gives the impression, that the birds are hovering above the sculpture and is a symbol of the animal of the winds.

The sculpture, which was quickly named the “Wind chime”, and with the erecting of the six meter high sculpture – new times began for the little fishing village. The harbour received their long awaited landmark, as the sailors have had trouble with finding the entrance to the harbour in Hou, as it is more or less hidden behind the dunes. Furthermore, the sculpture is a symbol of Hou as an art village. 

The “wind chime” plays its music, as the wind blows into a wide funnel and is then pressed through a narrow passage, where nylon lines in different diameters have been fastened above a sounding board. As the wind blows through this creates vibrations and hence music. The music should symbolize the tones of the wild wind. The chime part is placed in the western side of the sculpture and does thus only play when the wind comes from the west.   

Today the sculpture is owned by Hou harbour, and they are in charge of the maintenance, yet the chime part is maintained by the artist himself.

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