The Whale jaws

The whale jaws, which more than everything else is considered the landmark of Hals, stem from a blue whale. The whale was shot in theBarents Seain 1868 by Captain C. Kliggaard from Hals.

The whale jaws were erected on the square in Hals, where they stood until 1953. By then they were worn and crumbling, and when they were hit by a lorry driver, they were beyond saving.

New Whale Jaws in Hals
New whale jaws were erected in 1955 and the ones to be seen on the square today. They were given by the consul Lars Christensen ofSandefjord,Norway. 

A.P. Møller of Maersk was responsible for transporting the whale jaws to Hals. The beginning of the opening was marked by an unexpected visit by A.P. Møller and his wife, who were on a cruise with their yacht, Karama III. They thus paid a visit to Hals to see the new whale jaws.

The whale jaws stem from a baryhvalus, a blue whale, of about30 Meter(99 feet) of length and a weight of 90 ton.

NOTE: The whale jaws are currently taken down and admitted for repair...

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