Art at the coast of Aalborg

Part of the identity for a local area is its arts and crafts and the artists many ways of expressing themselves. The cultural history, the nature, the people - well, almost everything is useful for an artist. Here you will find a number of interesting artists working at the coast, who creates beautiful works of art in the comfort of their home or at a local store.

Glass, statues, paintings... These are just some of the creations that our local artists represent, so swing by their work shops and see if anything catches your eye!

Glass art and quality candles

Swing by the world-known glassblower, Anne Flohrs workshop in Lillevorde or Glashuset in Sæby and be fascinated by the beautiful glass art.

Don't forget Ulvelys Candlelight Factory, which produces quality candles and offers "dip your own candles" for the entire family.

Glaspusteriet Anne Flohr

Anne Flohrs glassblowing in Lillevorde

The Glasshouse, Anne Flohr is located in the small village of Lillevorde on the edge of Lille Vildmose. Workshops and business is arranged in an extension to the old school and this is where the glass which is being sold in stores around the world is being blown.

Arts and crafts at Aalborg Coast

Visit the incubation master, Lars Stender at his exciting work shop where the "stranddapper" is hatched or how about a jewelery course at the Jewelery Shop?

The couple, Johanne and Kaj Pallisgaard has a gallery and work shop in the small town of Gandrup with free entrance.

Aalborg is only 30 minutes away from the coast and you will find many interesting galleries and artists here.

Kunsten - Per Kirkeby

Current exhibits

Kunsten in Aalborg offers interesting exhibits with danish and international artists.