Child-friendly beaches

The beaches at Aalborg Coast are gentle and child-friendly. At the beaches near Hou and Hals, there is room for fun and play, relaxation and contemplation, and activities both on the ground and in the water. To put it briefly: here is room for the entire family.

Along the beaches at Aalborg Coast, there are no cars driving around, so children and grown-ups can play safely at the beaches. Grab your bathing clothes, pack a back, and get ready for a lovely day at the beaches near Hals and Hou.

The gentle coast near Hals and Hou

At Aalborg Coast near Hals and Hou you will find lovely, white, sandy beaches that call for fun and play for children and adults. Here, even younger children can play safely in the shoreline as the waves are gentle and peaceful – and, furthermore, there are no cars at the beach.

Bisnap Beach

The island kingdom awaits

Imagine that you could stand straight like a king at your own little island or sunbathe surrounded by cheerful children and gentle waves with a view of wooded hills and coasts with long, white, sandy beaches… 

Activities at the beach

At the beaches between Hou and Hals, there is lots of space for activities for both children and adults.





Amber collectors

Amber - the Gold of the North

Keep an eye on the shoreline when you take a walk along the beaches at Aalborg Coast - here is a good chance of finding amber. 

Golden eagle in Lille Vildmose

On foot along the North Sea Trail

Follow the North Sea Trail – a trekking route along Aalborg Coast – and experience the beautiful nature of the area.

Bisnap Strand

What to collect at the beach

At the beaches along the coast of Aalborg, you might be lucky to find pieces of amber and beautiful rocks and stones, which will decorate any home. But what is allowed to collect from beach?

Dog at the beach

Dogs at the beach

The beaches at Aalborg Coast form a lovely playground for both you, your children and your pet.

Natures pantry

Along the coast of Aalborg, you can find many tasty and delicious herbs which will spice up any dish. And if you bring the fishnet to the beach, you might catch a crab or two for the main course or a splendid soup.

Herbal schnapps

Herbs at the beach

Along the beach between Hals and Hou, you can collect herbs that will spice up your dishes.

Catching crabs at the beach

Catching crabs at the beach

Catching crabs at the beach is a fun summer activity for both children and adults.