At Aalborg Coast, you will find beautiful holiday cottages, which can be the base of an eventful vacation at the mild east coast...

You will find many good fishing spots that invite you to have a good outdoor experience at Limfjorden and Aalborg Coast.

Believe it or not, just a half-hour drive from bustling Aalborg a piece of Danish wilderness is located. The area is called 'Lille Vildmose', which means 'little wild bog on the heath.'

Aalborg and Aalborg Coast offer a number of good golf experiences.

The beaches at Aalborg Coast are gentle and safe for children. At the beaches near Hou and Hals, there is room for fun and games, relaxation and contemplation, and activities ashore and by sea. Put simply, here is room for the entire family. 

There are lot of activities for children and adults on the coast. Spend a lovely day on Northern Jutlands best beach, stop by Lille Vildmose and ride the peat train or visit Hals and try a game of mini golf or bowling with family or friends.

You will find a variety of restaurants and cafees at Aalborg Coast, so no doubt you will find af nice and cosy restaurnat to your liking.